Summer/Fall Semester 2021


July 1 through August 30      Summer lessons and camps

July 1                                       Summer Music Together Session (4 weeks)

July 6                                       Faculty Meeting via Zoom 1pm

July 12-16                               Chamber Music Workshop                     

August/ September               Lessons and classes begin

August 2-6                             Piano Workshop

September 9                           Early Childhood Music- PCCC 10:30 am

September 8                           CMSP Board Meeting

September 10                        Music Together- Upperville- Fall Session 10 weeks- 10am

November 3                           CMSP Board Meeting- Peard House 6pm

December 4                           Christmas in Middleburg

December 11                          Holiday Recital- 2pm


Spring Semester 2022


January 3                            Lessons and classes begin this week

January 6                            Early Childhood Music- PCCC 10:30 am

January 7                            Music Together- Winter Session 10 weeks 10am

January 12                          CMSP Board Meeting – Peard House 6pm

February 6                          Middleburg Bland Competition- snow date Feb 20

March 23                            CMSP Board Meeting- Peard House – 6pm

May 15                                Recital- Cox Hall 2pm

May 25                                CMSP Board Meeting- Peard House -6pm


Please call CMSP to confirm dates and times of programs